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My kids have far too many toys (they have grandmom's who enjoy spoiling despite our protests), most of which have littered their room for many many months (and I mean littered, it was hard to get across the room!). I didn't make an issue of it because I realized I couldn't tell them to put the toys away because there was no where to put them away!

So, I emptied their room of toys and stacked it all in our den. My husband and I still need to get around to sorting them and figuring what's going and what's staying (and what place we can assign it to so the kids can know where to put it when they clean up). Anyway, here's the mound! This is only about 60-70% of their toys, for only two kids! (And note the arcade size air hockey table my mom insisted on getting us too!)

I'm not looking forward to tackling that!
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I can so relate... imagine my pile with five kids and ten years worth of homeschooling supplies and books

we should get together and do each other's houses one at a time
Erk, I can imagine! And I feel for you!

First I want to help you with the barn for your studio - you need to get back to sculpting!
I need to post the pics I took of when my kids trashed the house.
Tell me what solution you have, because I have the exact same problem. Both grandparents are ridiculous!!! And I only have one it shouldn't be as bad. But we probably have close to that!