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When Mom is about ready to run away...

"Josiah watch Eve while I make dinner."
Not even minutes later, "Mom, Eve has toilet paper all over the livingroom and I can't clean it up."
5 year old daughter comes in with half full bag of tp..., "Mom, there's still more and I can't clean it all up myself."
"Where's Josiah?"
"At the computer."
"Josiah, get in here! Help your sister clean up whatever mess is in there and WATCH EVE!"
I hear Josiah whispering to Chaya, "Chaya, just let me know if you need help."
Same words as above, "Help your sister clean up the mess and get off of the computer and
your are grounded from Warcraft for a month! I've had it!
Next, I hear the dog and Eve getting into a scuttle and she cries because the dog nipped her.
"Josiah, watch your sister!"
How the hell am I supposed to make dinner with this happening?
Next, as dinner is just about done, Josiah comes in with the plastic bin my husband has been using
to soak his infected toe in (which, of course, he refuses to go back to the doctor for). And, of course, Eve has dumped the water from last night, which my husband has accidentally left out, all over the livingroom floor. I, once again, tell Josiah and Chaya and Eve to get dirty towels out of the laundry and clean up the mess. I unhappily bring dinner to the table which is a mess because I've just decided to push the papers on it to one end. And, the livingroom, which could look worse, still has a wet floor. (Picture Mom slowly losing it) We eat dinner and here I am now dealing with the aftermath. Little tiny pieces of toilet paper strewn here and there. (at least the large quantities are disposed of) Trash in the hallway... hey, the dog has to chew up what he finds somewhere and leave his mark. Eve in her 3rd outfit of the day, which isn't too bad if you know Eve. Me, ready to explode. First, I thought I'd tell God off using expletives and all. I mean, why is it that I get a child equally as hard as my first as my last? Totally unfair. I should've known better. Next, I decide to tell you guys this story thinking it might relieve my vision of the red I am now only capable of seeing.

So, did it work?
Yes, I am feeling a little bit better.

PS: Please excuse my grammar. I don't like to think clearly when I am mad.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way!!! Hah!
I feel like a bad mom when I feel that way!
Apparently I'm normal!

I have a 6 month old puppy. And while she is wonderful, and I love her, she regularly TP's the entire house. Where ever she can find paper, kleenex (even used!!! yuck), napkins and her favorite...toilet paper ... she rips it into little tiny pieces!! It makes me crazy. After I sweep... and I find myself constantly picking up tiny pieces of paper.

So what I'm saying here is... I FEEL YOU!
Yes, you are normal.

And, thank you for the sympathy!
All I could think while reading it was *groan* - just yuck! I think the water for the infected toe is the worst part! And I totally yell in those situations, what else can be done?!?! Jeff should go to the doctor just to lesson items on the "issues" list :D

I'm glad typing this up helped you feel better!
I think the toe water is just what put me over the edge. And, the fact that Jeff had told the kids before he went out to clean certain areas of the house... those areas didn't even get addressed in light of everything else that happened. After dinner, I basically just sent the kids up to bed and that was that. Then, I watched The Apprentice.

Vegging in front of the TV is good at times like that. I tried using the Sims to veg the other night but I was getting further frustrated by the sims instead of calming down! When I turned it off and turned on the TV instead - yup, that did it :)
Ugh!!! I hate times like that!!
Those are the times that I feel pretty capable of walking right out the front door (for a few hours ;) ) if Tim were to come in and complain about the state of the house!